Blizzard Spinosaurus RC Living Dinosaur

Remote control realistic dinosaur toy

One more of the dinosaurs that weren't big names until the Jurassic Park franchise, the 15-meter (49-feet) Spinosaurus was quite an impressive beast, hence Jurassic Park III featured it as the main villain. The Blizzard Spinosaurus RC Live Dinosaur allows you to create some of the 2001 epic's scenes, bringing to your living room a Spinosaurus almost as alive as the real thing – just smaller (its dimensions are 580 x 345 x 150 mm, or 22.8 x 13.6 x 5.9").

The Blizzard Spinosaurus RC Live Dinosaur comes with an infrared remote control that not only makes it walk but also roar. And if you add a little water in the compartment on the back of its head, smoke will also come from its mouth when it roars, making it even more ferocious.

Specs and Features:

  • Controller: infrared
  • Comes with remote control, water dropper
  • For ages 6 and above
  • Winner of the 2022 Excellence Award in the Japan Toy Awards Action Toy category
  • Dimensions: 580 x 345 x 150 mm (22.8 x 13.6 x 5.9")
  • Power: dinosaur 4 AA batteries, controller 3 AA batteries (not included)
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US$ 91