Wolfman Monster Face Pack

Werewolf-themed beauty skin care mask

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Part of a series of four "monster" face packs by Isshin Do Honpo based on famous Hollywood ghouls, this Wolfman Monster Face Pack is an extraordinarily chilling but original way to improve your skin! While you won't transform into an actual werewolf, this face pack is ideal for helping you look your best, whether it's Halloween, a full moon, or any time of the year.

Wolfman Monster Face Pack

Face packs are popular with Japanese women to wear after a bath and before going to sleep, reinvigorating the skin and keeping your face young. Isshin Do Honpo came along and reinvented the genre, creating the Kabuki Face Pack and other brilliant masks. After all, why should skin care be boring? The face pack also includes rosemary, a traditional plant for warding off evil spirits.

Wolfman Monster Face Pack

The Wolfman Monster Face Pack features:

  • Face pack x 1
  • This is a face pack beauty product, not a mask for dressing up
  • Ingredients: water, BG, glycerol, hyaluronan Na, aqueous solution collagen, hydrolysis collagen, vitamin C, rosemary
  • Instructions: Japanese

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