Tokine Tea Dripper

Slow-drip tea extraction appliance and server

It looks like a simple device – and it is – but the truth is that the Tokine Tea Dripper is a revolution in Japanese tea-making. Its makers say that they were going for the next best thing after the standard kyusu teapot and they certainly hit the mark. Using the two most important points of tea-making (giving brewing tea leaves room to expand, and not shaking them during extraction), they created a pot that does for tea what the filter coffee maker does for coffee!

The Tokine Tea Dripper is a heat-resistant glass server and a special cup with a special filter. This is where the tea (loose leaf, of course!) goes and where the magic of Tokine's special brewing procedure takes place. The instructions are simple: you put a spoonful of tea in the cup, soak it with some hot water, and then pour in enough hot water for a cup. Gravity and Tokine's filter take care of the rest and in a few minutes, the server is filled with the best green tea you have ever tasted!

Specs and Features:

  • For loose leaf tea
  • Dimensions: approx. 95 x 169 mm (3.7 x 6.7")
  • Weight: 490 g (1 lbs)
  • Materials: half-porcelain, heat-resistant glass
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