Tech Neck Treatment Neck Stretcher

Neck pain relief device

It used to be something you saw the Japanese do on Tokyo's trains but now everyone does it, everywhere - you are probably doing it while reading this: slouching over the screen of your smartphone to read an article, watch a video, or visit a website. And before you know it, the back of your neck becomes stiff and you start getting those aches and pains, and even numbness going down your arms. If all these sound alarmingly familiar, the Tech Neck Treatment Neck Stretcher helps you put a stop to them, right now!

Shaped and sized in a way that accommodates almost any neck and with several protrusions that catch all the pressure points around your cervical spine, the Tech Neck Treatment Neck Stretcher only needs three minutes a day to relax and realign all the neck muscles that have been, literally, bent out of shape because of the slouching. Just lie on the floor, put it under your neck, and move your head and hands up and down and left and right to get the most effectively focused stretching for this very important but often overlooked part of your body!

Specs and Features:

  • For relieving tech neck (text neck) ache/pain
  • Recommended for use for 3-5 minutes per day
  • Dimensions: 23 x 15.5 x 15.5 cm (9 x 6.1 x 6.1")
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese (but easy to use)
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