Sora-Q Flagship Model

Japanese space agency robot replica toy

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Fans of space love replicas of spaceships and there are some amazing ones out there. The problem is that, for obvious reasons, they are all scaled versions of the real things. And this is exactly what makes the Sora-Q Flagship Model unique: for the first time, you can own an 1/1 copy of a piece of space equipment, a moon rover that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) designed together with toy maker Takara Tomy, Sony Group, and Doshisha University, and which will go to the moon mounted on JAXA's lunar lander Smart Lander for Investigating Moon!

Like its lunar-destined brother, the Sora-Q Flagship Model can fit in your palm: it has a diameter of just 8 cm (3.1"). But don't let that compact size fool you: like the real thing, it can transform depending on the terrain and can "see" its surroundings through its two cameras and transmit the images to you via the dedicated iOS and Android app. If you're serious about space, this is your chance to have a piece of Japanese aerospace history.

Specs and Features:

  • Replica of the real JAXA Sora-Q rover
  • Scale: 1/1
  • Can be controlled by dedicated app for iOS (14.0 and over) and Android (9.0 and over)
  • Created in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
  • Winner of the Special Innovative Excellence Award at the Japan Toy Awards 2023
  • Diameter: 8 cm (3.1")
  • Power: lithium-ion battery (included)
  • For ages 8 and over
  • Comes with USB cable, wheel covers, decorative stickers, Sora-Q project supporter certificate
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese

Questo Prodotto è in magazzino dal mercoledì 26 giugno, 2024.
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