Shimokihara Gan Nori Gangan

High-quality Japanese seaweed

For most Tokyoites, Komazawa in Setagaya ward is famous for being the home of Komazawa University and Komazawa Olympic Park, but for those interested in good food, it is also home to Shimokihara Senshu and Men. This is a ramen izakaya, a rather unusual combination of a drinkery and a ramen restaurant with a special recipe for its ramen noodles. Which wouldn't be so special if they didn't contain a sheet of its extraordinary Shimokihara Gan Nori Gangan seaweed!

Nori is available everywhere in Japan but the Shimokihara Gan Nori Gangan comes from one of Tokyo's oldest wholesalers, around since the Edo period (it was established in 1866). The particular characteristic that sets it apart from other nori you find in Japan is that it's only dried in the sun so is 100% natural. The moment you put it in your mouth, you immediately taste the rich sea mineral nutrients and umami, which really transform your Japanese dishes as they do Shimokihara's ramen!

Specs and Features:

  • Special Iwaiso nori from Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture
  • Made by famous Tokyo ramen izakaya restaurant Shimokihara
  • Images show serving suggestions only
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