Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large

Designer pet protection

Oppo has done it again with the Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large, a follow-up to the successful original Quack Face protection item for your pets and now suitable for larger canines. Super stylish and ergonomically designed, the muzzle is comfortable to wear and practical. You can take your dog walking and to the vet confident that they won't eat anything from the ground or get into altercations with other pooches along the way. Available in two bright, easy-to-see colors and using no metal, you can rest assured that your favorite furry family members won't injure themselves while out and about on their walks.

Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large
Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large
Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large
Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large

The Quack Face Dog Muzzle Large features:

  • Colors: pink, brown
  • Head measurement: approx. 40 cm (15.7")
  • Mouth-neck measurement: 13 cm (5.1")
  • Recommended for French bulldog and other short-nose dogs
  • Materials: silicone, PP, POM, nylon resin
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
  • Made in Japan
  • Please also be aware that these muzzles DO NOT fit and are NOT intended for SMALL breeds of dogs, or dogs with small heads or faces.
  • Disclaimer: For hygiene purposes, please note that this product is unfortunately NOT returnable once the packaging has been opened. Be sure to consider whether it is suitable for your pet.
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