Na-cord USB by Maywa Denki

Fish skeleton extension cord

In celebration of its twentieth anniversary, unique musical gadgets creators Maywa Denki have come back with an updated version of their award-winning Na-cord design from 1995. The result is the Na-cord USB, a striking fish skeleton-shaped extension cord that you can use to connect your phone with your computer.

Na-cord USB by Maywa Denki

Now coming in three colors (ivory, black or pink), the eyes light up when it is transferring data, guaranteeing to freak out whoever is sitting at the desk next to you. So come on! Why should computer accessories be dull and predictable!

The Na-cord USB features:

  • Color: ivory, black, pink
  • USB microB
  • Length: around 32cm (12.5")
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
  • Cannot be used with iPhone or iPad

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