Mizuno Nippon Professional Baseball Official Ball

Japan pro baseball league ball replica

The popularity of baseball in Japan usually surprises first-time visitors to the country. And that baseball has been around there almost as long as it has been around in the United States is even more surprising, but it is the truth. Add that the Japanese are among the world's biggest fans of any type of sport and you have a, well, match made in heaven, especially when it comes to memorabilia: there's no limit to the amount of baseball-related stuff you can find all over Japan. But if you really want something that will be an instant collectors' item, you can't go wrong with the Mizuno Nippon Professional Baseball Official Ball!

Manufactured by one of Japan's top sports equipment manufacturers, the Mizuno Nippon Professional Baseball Official Ball is a perfect replica of the ball used by the 12 professional teams in Nippon Professional Baseball's two leagues, the Central and the Pacific. The materials, stitching, and the Nippon Professional Baseball logo are all the same as on the balls used by the teams and you can even get it with a transparent case that is perfect for displaying, right next to the merchandise of your favorite Japanese baseball team!

Specs and Features:

  • Case features Nippon Professional Baseball logo mark
  • Official Nippon Professional Baseball merchandise
  • Made by top sports goods manufacturer Mizuno
  • Options: with or without case
  • Materials: wool, natural leather (cowhide), rubber, cork, cotton
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