Kincho Mushi Konazu Premium Insect Repellent

Hanging-type indoor and outdoor insect protection

You can't stay a market leader unless you keep up with the demands of the times and that's as true in the field of insect repellents as it is in any other industry. Take Kincho, the Osaka-based company that invented the mosquito coil: it has been around since 1885 and its mosquito coils are still a staple when it comes to fighting summer insects. But 21st-century lifestyle also asks for things that last longer, don't demand the use of fire, and are safer for small children and pets. Kincho has an answer for these needs: the Kincho Mushi Konazu Premium Insect Repellent!

Created using a tradition and know-how that goes back almost 150 years, the Kincho Mushi Konazu Premium Insect Repellent is a plastic item that you simply hang next to your balcony door or window at the beginning of spring and then forget it's there until the end of the year: it lasts for 250 days, creating an invisible three-meter (a little under 10 feet) barrier that insects (and particularly mosquitoes) will be unable to penetrate. And you don't need to worry about the weather either: even the hardest rain or brightest sun won't affect it!

Specs and Features:

  • Effectiveness radius/range: approx. 3 m (9.8 ft)
  • Active component: transfluthrin (pyrethroid)
  • Duration: 250 days
  • Not affected by rain
  • Made by mosquito coil inventor Kincho (est. 1885)
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