Hana Zori Osho Sandals

All-round Japanese flip-flops

Osho is the word in Japanese for a Buddhist priest. If you're wondering why this appears in the name of the Hana Zori Osho Sandals, it's to let you know that these aren't just fashion items: priests wear these kinds of footwear when they are working in their temple grounds. Even if you're not a Zen priest, though, these sandals let you enjoy a level of comfort and durability unlike any regular pair of flip-flops!

Because the Hana Zori Osho Sandals haven't been made for priests, they come with plenty of options in the color department: you can choose any of the six combinations in the list below, including a somber ink black on black if you are looking for something you want to wear on a more formal occasion (remember: this type of footwear is not just for the beach in Japan!). Made of strong EVA resin with wide polyester thongs, 108 anti-slip protrusions, and a tire pattern on the soles, they'll stay with you for years and support you every step of the way!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: bamboo/white, bamboo/khaki, indigo/white, indigo/dark blue, black/white, black/black
  • Sizes: 5, 6
  • 108 anti-slip protrusions
  • Tire pattern on soles
  • Dimensions 5: 24.5-26.5 cm (US men's 7/8.5-9, US women's 8.85/10-10.5, EU 38.5-42)
  • Dimensions 6: 26.5-28.5 cm (US men's 8.5/9-10.5/11, US women's 10/10.5-11/11.5, EU 42-44)
  • Materials: EVA resin, polyester
  • Made in Japan
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