Fumippa Anywhere Exercise Block

Stepping fitness training

This compact and mobile Fumippa Anywhere Exercise Block is perfect for the working woman (or man) worried about their body but without the time (or inclination) to commit to time at the gym each week. Or perhaps your problem is more that you don't live near anywhere suitable to do outdoor exercise? Well, just use this convenient Fumippa fitness stepping block at home or in the office, whenever you have a window of time to spare.

Fumippa Anywhere Exercise Block

Just five minutes per day and you will feel rejuvenated again. There are placeholders to tell you where to put your feet, plus notice the angle of the incline on the block. That's also deliberate, designed to help train your spin.

Fumippa Anywhere Exercise Block

You can also use the block to do stretches and other basic aerobics. And the brilliant thing? It's only made of reinforced cardboard!

The Fumippa Anywhere Exercise Block features:

  • Size: 34 x 31.5 x 15cm (13.4 x 12.4 x 5.9")
  • Materials: reinforced cardboard (with rubber coating to prevent slips)
  • With handle for ease of transport
  • Weight: around 1.6kg (3.5 lb)
  • Made in Japan

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