Cat Hide and Seek House

Secret base pet furniture

The Cat Hide and Seek House is another awesome pet item from Unihabitat, proving that Japan's compact homes have some of the most original solutions to cat entertainment. The box-style "secret base" is simple to construct and flatten, making it suitable for a wide range of domestic environments and very easy to store.

Cat Hide and Seek House

In the set there are two boxes that fit together to form a two-level base, which will swiftly be claimed as the inalienable territory of your cat. The base is full of cute touches: the main entrance hole is shaped like a cat face, while there is also a smaller fish-shaped hole on the roof.

Cat Hide and Seek House

There are three versions to choose from: jungle camouflage, plain brown, and blue and white. Each features paw print-shaped openings for your feline friend to watch the world outside and poke their tail through. Get more than one set and stack them up to create even better secret bases!

The Cat Hide and Seek House features:

  • For cats (and small dogs)
  • Colors: brown, camouflage, blue and white
  • Set of two boxes
  • Stackable (multiple boxes can be slotted together)
  • Size: 50 x 50 x 56cm (20 x 20 x 22")
  • Cat hole size: 151 x 129mm (59 x 51")
  • Fish hole size: 170 x 138mm (67 x 54")
  • Materials: paper
  • One box withstands up to 10kg (22 lb)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)

Cat Hide and Seek House
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