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Vampire Face Pack

Monster beauty mask skin care

Part of a quartet of "monster" face packs by Isshin Do Honpo based on famous Hollywood ghouls, the Vampire Face Pack is a slightly frightening, but fun way to improve your skin. Put this face pack on after a bath or before you go to sleep to reinvigorate your skin... and terrify your family! The pack includes rosemary, a traditional plant for warding off evil spirits.

Vampire Face Pack

After all, why should skin care be boring? The red and white colors are as vibrant as you'd expect from the creators of the Kabuki Face Pack. The details are fun too, from the bat wings around the eyes to the fangs and the drip of blood on the mouth. Nonetheless, this is a genuine beauty product that works like regular face packs, helping to refresh your skin and restore a youthful, healthy sheen. Don't worry, we promise you won't develop an appetite for other people's blood!

Vampire Face Pack

The Vampire Face Pack features:

  • Face pack x 1
  • This is a face pack beauty product, not a mask for dressing up
  • Ingredients: water, BG, glycerol, hyaluronan Na, aqueous solution collagen, hydrolysis collagen, vitamin C, rosemary
  • Instructions: Japanese

Poids d'expédition: 0.2Kg / 0.44lbs
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