Ultraman Earthquake Kids' Zukin Hood

Disaster fire-proof head protection character design

In Japan kids have special soft fire-proof hoods to wear in case of an earthquake. Known as bousai zukin, they protect the head from fire and look rather cute too. Now you can combine the design with the power of retro science fiction! Yes, get the Ultraman Earthquake Kids' Zukin Hood!

Ultraman Earthquake Kids Zukin Hood

In a disaster you need the help of a character like Ultraman, who will come to your rescue by protecting your head from flames if the worst case scenario happens. The officially approved set also comes with a special two-way cover that you use to store your hood.

Ultraman Earthquake Kids Zukin Hood

The Ultraman Earthquake Kids' Zukin Helmet features:

  • Fire-proof
  • 100% flame retardant materials - not affected by washing
  • Intended for children. Unlikely to fit adults
  • Size: around 42 x 26cm (16.5 x 10.2")
  • Materials: thick cotton approved by the Japan Fire Retardant Association

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