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Paralady Slimming Exercise Cushion

Leg, thigh, stomach toning tool

Tone those thighs now with this Paralady, a uniquely designed exercise cushion from MTG to help you get a flatter stomach and slimmer body. Just slide in your legs into the two holes on either side of the ball-like Paralady and then swivel your hips to lift the Paralady with you as you flip over. The success with the Paralady lies in how it is simple and addictive. You can watch yourself moving from side to side with the Paralady, and get an immediate visual response and see how you are doing.

Paralady Slimming Exercise Cushion

It is easy to do at home every day. All you need is a bit of floor space and a few minutes. And you can vary the weight by switching the ball over, since the leg pockets are not centered, creating two different levels of difficulty to lift the Paralady. Available in red or black versions.

Paralady Slimming Exercise Cushion

The Paralady features:

  • Color: red, black
  • Size: around 345 x 345 x 345mm (13.6 x 13.6 x 13.6")
  • Materials: polyester (92%), polyurethane (8%), urethane foam

Paralady Slimming Exercise Cushion
Poids d'expédition: 3Kg / 6.6lbs
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