Japanese Medicinal Herb Bath Packs (Pack of 10)

100% natural kampo herbs for home bathing

The Japanese know a thing or two about bathing: from public bathhouses (sento) to hot springs (onsen) and even the vast array of bath salts that people use in their home baths, there is so much more to bathing than just washing. A bath is a precious place of healing and relaxation for both body and soul. Channel some of that know-how and cultural history now with the Japanese Medicinal Herb Bath Packs. Just pop one of the ten bags in this pack into your bath water and let the various kinds of kampo medicinal herbs and natural herbs suffuse into the water.

Japanese Medicinal Herb Bath Packs (Pack of 10)

The Japanese Medicinal Herb Bath Packs features:

  • For bathing
  • 100% natural herbs
  • Fusion of 5 kampo herbs and 1 herb
  • Pack of 10
  • Contains Foeniculi Fructus (fennel fruit), Gardeniae Fructus (gardenia fruit), Cnidii Rhizoma (cnidium root), Aurantii Nobilis Pericarpium (aged mikan orange peel), Menthae Herba (wild mint herb), chamomile
  • Recommended for baths 180-200 liters (48-53 gallons)
  • To use, just place once in bath water while still in its bag
  • Instructions: Japanese
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