Garigari-kun Heat Stroke Temperature Sensor

Sun summer measuring monitoring device

Garigari-kun is one of the most popular and iconic of Japanese characters, famous for being the mascot for the Garigari-kun ice popsicles which have refreshed generations of youngsters with sweet cold snacks during the summer. But heat stroke and getting too hot are a real possibility in super humid Japan, so Garigari-kun will now help you keep cool even more with his Garigari-kun Heat Stroke Temperature Sensor.

Garigari-kun Heat Stroke Temperature Sensor

Looking just like a Garigari-kun ice popsicle, this is actually a real measuring device and every ten minutes Garigari-kun will update you with a new reading of the heat stroke levels. The temperature is provided in Celsius, plus a five-level heat stroke warning system, which will buzz when it reaches the danger zone. When the light creeps over to the righthand side, it's time for the kids to find some shade!

The Garigari-kun Heat Stroke Temperature Sensor features:

  • Size: around 83 x 42 x 18mm (3.3 x 1.7 x 0.7")
  • Weight: around 23g (0.8 oz)
  • Power: CR2032 battery x 1
  • Materials: ABS, acrylic
  • Displays: temperature (Celsius), humidity levels, heat stroke warning lights
  • Instructions: Japanese

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