Nitori Gaming Floor Chair

Floor recliner with stand for electronics

Nitori is Japan's answer to IKEA and in the 56 years it has been around, it has moved from being a small furniture store to a chain that offers thousands of solutions to everyday life problems: from chopsticks to big furniture and beyond. And sometimes it even sidetracks to some very specific solutions, like the Nitori Gaming Floor Chair, a piece of furniture that targets casual gamers who just want to relax on the floor and play their favorite game on their console or TV. Or at least that was the original plan, because the end result goes beyond that!

One thing that has made Nitori famous is its design and the Nitori Gaming Floor Chair is a perfect example of it: its back reclines in 14 stages, reaching a fully flat position, which means it can work as a chair and a bed, and anything in between, and the same goes for its table section, allowing it to function both as a table and support for your legs, knees, or even head if you turn it around. Available in ten colors and only 49 x 88 x 71 cm (19.3 x 34.6 x 28"), it not over covers your gaming needs but will become one of your most versatile pieces of furniture in your home!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: gray, black, beige, brown, red, orange, yellow green, blue, light blue, purple
  • Back section tilt: 14 stages
  • Table section tilt: 14 stages
  • Length when flattened: 156 cm (61.4")
  • Movable head, neck, and leg rest pillow
  • Dimensions: 49 x 88 x 71 cm (19.3 x 34.6 x 28")
  • Weight: approx. 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs)
  • Materials: steel, urethane foam
  • Manual/instructions: Japanese
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