Shinnosuke Rice Sheet Face Mask Moisturizing Type

Rice-based sheet masks

Rice is the basis of the Japanese diet and has been since 500 BC. A lesser-known fact, though, is that it has also been one of the ingredients of Japanese beauty products, offering moisture and nutrition to the skin and keeping it fresh and young. The Shinnosuke Rice Sheet Face Mask Moisturizing Type is one of the most practical ways to make use of rice's natural properties. The only thing you need to do is put the mask on after you have washed and wiped your face, and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Every one of the 10 masks in the Shinnosuke Rice Sheet Face Mask Moisturizing Type pack, is imbued with a rich, thick serum that goes deep into the pores of your skin and fills them with moisture. The rice that is the basis of this serum is the Koshihikari cultivar from Niigata, one of the best types of rice in Japan, but it isn't alone: the serum's composition also includes extracts from other plants like artichoke, herb-Robert, Chinese skullcap, and liquorice. Combined with the rice and the rice's bran, this unique combination of nutrients makes any dry skin soft and radiant!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 10 masks
  • Fragrance: unscented
  • Skin type: dry
  • Contains: water, glycerin, diglycerin, rice extract, rice bran extract, hydrolyzed rice extract, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, artichoke leaf extract, herb-Robert extract, Chinese skullcap root extract, liquorice root extract, jujube fruit extract, etc.
  • Made in Japan
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