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Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map

Three-dimensional mountain sculpture

At 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji is "the spiritual peak of Japan," as the Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map proudly declares along its base. The map provides you with a stylish and accurate 3D replica of Japan's tallest mountain from the fifth station up to the snow-capped peak. The palm-sized sculpture-cum-map also gives you a print of the four most popular climbing routes up the mountain recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Handy info if you want to avoid the most crowded trails!

Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map

There is already a veritable mountain of Fuji merchandise on the market, from mugs to t-shirts and more. It takes something special to stand out and this 360-degree "map" achieves this due to the accuracy and skill of the rendering, and the originality of the idea itself. This will look superb on any shelf or desk.

Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map

The Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map features:

  • Fully accurate 3D rending of Mt Fuji
  • Diameter: around 12cm (4.7")
  • Height: around 3cm (1.2")
  • Weight: around 75g (2.6 oz)
  • Materials: PVC

Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map
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