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More Houreisen Face Exerciser

Beauty anti-aging wrinkle mask

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There are said to be around 30 kinds of muscles that help us create facial expressions. The More Houreisen Face Exerciser will tighten your cheeks, helping to work against the signs of aging since, as all know, the smile lines (aka the nasolabial fold or houreisen) grow more prominent as you get older.

More Houreisen Face Exerciser

Wear this special exercise mask for ten minutes per day and it will stimulate your facial muscles, combatting the encroachment of wrinkles. Its tight grip will transform the way you look and feel, and your facial expressions will sparkle once more.

More Houreisen Face Exerciser

The More Houreisen Face Exerciser features:

  • Recommended for use for ten minutes per day
  • Materials: silicone rubber, nylon tape
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to put on)

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