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Hitori de Karaoke DX

Solo singing noise-free microphone set

The trend for solo (hitori de) activities in Japan continues unabated, from Korean BBQ to a Moomin-themed cafe for solitary diners... and even karaoke. Karaoke is great in groups but can also be just as much fun by yourself, nor does it have to be a loud activity. If you worry about your neighbors hearing you or you want to belt out some solo numbers without worrying what others in the room think, try the Hitori de Karaoke DX.

Hitori de Karaoke DX

This noise-free microphone karaoke set is designed to mute your singing to the outside world, so shy songsters will delight. Just plug the earphones into your TV, computer, audio player or phone. The funnel mic cover means your singing is muffled, while the earphones cancel out the external speaker output. The result is a private concert that is a great way to relieve stress.

Hitori de Karaoke DX

The Hitori de Karaoke DX features:

  • Full set of mic cover, microphone, earphones, AC adapter
  • No built-in music
  • Materials: ABS, PE, TPE
  • Power: AC adapter
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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