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First Moxa Set

Moxibustion starter pack with four aromas

Moxibustion is a popular form of traditional therapy in Japan that uses dried mugwort (moxa). It can be used as it is to aromatically stimulate points in the skin, with acupuncture therapy, or by burning the moxa cones on the skin. An ideal starter pack, the First Moxa Set features 100 cones of moxa in four types of aroma to help you choose the one to match your mood that day.

First Moxa Set

The four fragrances are fruits, bouquet (flowers), green tea, and sandalwood (aromatic wood), each with 25 moxa cones. Place it on your skin and burn the moxa for the best results.

First Moxa Set

The First Moxa Set features:

  • 100 moxa units in four packs (25 each)
  • Aroma: fruit, flower, green tea, sandalwood
  • Take caution when burning the moxa to avoid injury or fire
  • Instructions: Japanese

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