Bathtub top table

The Japanese have a very strong bathing culture and that's why you get awesome household items like Angel-Sangyou's Bathtable, which is the perfect addition to a long, relaxing day or evening. You can spend a whole afternoon in the bath and keep everything you want close at hand and, most importantly, dry.


The Bathtable traps warm air beneath it using a rubber seal that lines the entire table, keeping your bath water (and you) warm! Coming in three sizes to match the widths of different bathtubs, there are also three bold polka-dot color designs to choose from.

The Bathtable features:

  • Designed for narrow and deep Japanese household bathtubs
  • Colors: pink, yellow, blue
  • Width sizes: 700mm (27.6"), 750mm (29.5"), 800mm (31.4")
  • Length: 590mm (23.2")
  • Weight: 1-2kg (2.5-4.5 lbs)
  • Made in Japan

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