Solar Pegasus Flying Horse

Moving horse carriage

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This exciting build-it-yourself model not only looks magical, it moves too! Solar Pegasus recreates the beauty and mystique of the most famous mythological bird in the world, all with a pair of pliers and other basic tools.

Solar Pegasus Flying Horse

The horse can be assembled into three different arrangements: a winged Pegasus flying high in the sky; a circus horse riding around and around in circles; or an iconic horse and carriage bustling forwards. After you've put the Pegasus together, all you need to make these enchanting spectacles is simply the power of light!

The Solar Pegasus features:

  • Three different arrangements: flying Pegasus, horse riding in circles, carriage
  • Size: about 96 x 235 x 172mm (3.8 x 9.3 x 6.8")
  • Power: solar-powered batteries (included)
  • Kit requires: screwdriver, pliers, scissors, pins, cutter (Stanley knife), pen
  • Assembly time: about two hours
  • Movement varies according to sunlight conditions
  • For indoors recommended to use a 60w bulb at distance of around 10cm (3.9")

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