Mini PET Bottle Humidifier

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Winter is coming up, and it’s time to break out the humidifiers for the cold and dry season. CCP Japan has released the Mini PET Bottle Humidifier lets you recycle your plastic water bottles while keeping the air healthy.

Mini PET Bottle Humidifier

Using anti-bacterial cartridges, the humidifier is safe as well, and gives out powerful amounts of moisture in three levels. With a selection of colors, as well as an internal LED light, it’s compact, stylish, and perfect for desks and small rooms.

Mini PET Bottle Humidifier

Mini PET Bottle Humidifier features:

  • Colors: Blue, Pink, White, Champagne Gold, Violet
  • Size: 65x110x76mm
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Power consumption: 17W (DC24V)
  • Includes: Anti-bacterial cartridge, personal bottle, adapter cap, cleaning brush, AC adapter
  • 3 stages of humidification
  • Auto-stop function
  • Manual (Japanese)
  • Power:100V

  • Sold Out
    Sold Out