Issimbow Katachi-Koh Incense Box

Premium incense made in Japan

Price: US$ 50

Winner of the 9th Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, this stylish incense set makes an ideal gift for one person or three. The Issimbox Katachi-Koh has a sleek, modern box design but is infused with the heart of tradition. Each color has a different type of 12 incenses in a different shape, for a different approach to holistic living.

Issimbow Katachi-Koh Incense Box

The pink box will bring "beauty" to your life; the blue is for "health"; yellow creates "vitality". Blending contemporary science and technology with millennia-old wisdom, and inspired by the oldest medical dictionary in Japan, these incense boxes are chic lifestyle choices.

Issimbow Katachi-Koh Incense Box

The Issimbow Katachi-Bow Incense Box features:

  • Incense box x 1
  • Colors/Versions: pink (beauty), blue (health), or yellow (vitality)
  • Each box contains 12 incense blocks
  • Made in Japan