Eco 41 bamboo toothbrush 6 Pack Set

Price: US$ 41

Sure you take care what you put in your mouth, and are meticulous about using the most natural ingredients. So what are you doing with that impossibly bright, totally plastic toothbrush in your mouth?!

Fine Revolution’s Products for Peaceful Life has introduced the Eco 41, a toothbrush made from a combination of bamboo (from Shizuoka prefecture) and resin. The bristles come in one of two varieties: superfine polyester or ultra-natural pig’s hair.

Eco 41 bamboo toothbrush 6 Pack Set

Both versions are designed to protect against unwanted damage to tooth enamel, and still carry a unique style and elegance.

Eco 41 toothbrush features:

  • Includes: pack of 6 toothbrushes
  • Varieties: fine (plastic bristles), normal (natural bristles)
  • Instructions: Japanese