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Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku

Local character board game

Featuring over 100 cards with mascots from all over the regions of Japan, the Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku is a must play for any self-respecting fan of Japanese pop culture! Starring Funasshi, Gunma-chan, Fukka-chan and all your own favorite cuddly and cute local characters!

Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku

Expand your knowledge of Japan's regional foods and festivals, plus test your Japanese language skills by moving around the board, a map of Japan. At various places the up to six players can collect cards printed with details of the region and the yuru-kyara mascot character. The aim is to get all the mascot cards in the six areas!

Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku

The Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku features:

  • For 2-6 players
  • Game time: around 30 minutes
  • For ages six and over
  • Instructions: Japanese only

Yuru-Kyara Mascot Sugoroku
Shipping weight: 2.1Kg / 4.62lbs
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