Yo-kai Watch Talking Jibanyan

Video game cat ghost character toy

Based on the popular video game and anime character from Yo-kai Watch, this Jibanyan is cuddly, adorable, and talks! Jibanyan is of course the ghost of a cat and has multiple ways you can interact with him.

Yo-kai Watch Talking Jibanyan

Just press his stomach and the feline apparition will speak! Jibanyan has over ten different phrases he can say. Press down for longer to get variations. Bandai has created a serious must-have for fans of Yo-kai Watch and Jibanyan here. Can ghosts get any cuter?!

Yo-kai Watch Talking Jibanyan

The Yo-kai Watch Talking Jibanyan features:

  • For ages six and over
  • Speaks only in Japanese
  • Over ten phrases
  • Total height: around 160mm (6.3")
  • Power: LR44 batteries x 2
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to play with)

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