Yamanote Train Melody Strap set

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The beauty of Tokyo’s famous Yamanote line (besides it’s circular path) is that each station plays its own unique melodies when the train is boarding. The Yamanote Train Melody Straps play the exact songs for each station they represent, and each is a faithful reproduction of the signage as well.

Yamanote Train Melody Strap set

Included Stations and songs – 5 Total:

• Shinagawa (Sound of stream)
• Harajuku (Harajuku-A)
• Tokyo (JR-SH-3)
• Shinjuku (Arata na Kisetsu)
• Shibuya (Hana no Hokorobi)

Yamanote Train Strap:

• Size: 5.8x3.4x1.5cm
• Material: ABS plastic
• Battery: LR44

Sold Out
Sold Out