Yakuza Tattoo Kewpie Doll

Japanese gangster design from Asakusa

Kewpie dolls are popular in Japan and popular things inspire unusual spin-offs. This Yakuza Tattoo Kewpie Doll is one such, with hand-inked irezumi Japanese tattoos in the style of the local mafia. Don't mess with this Kewpie doll! A viral hit when spotted in areas of old Tokyo like Asakusa, this full set includes a doll with tattoos, a white fundoshi around his waist, and a hachimaki around his head. He also has a good luck plaque around his neck like the kind people in Japan put on their phone or bag as fortune charms, as well as rosary-style bracelet.

Yakuza Tattoo Kewpie Doll

The Yakuza Tattoo Kewpie Doll features:

  • Full set version of kewpie doll with tattoos, fundoshi, hachimaki, neck plaque/bracelet
  • Height: 28cm (11")
  • From Asakusa, Tokyo

Yakuza Tattoo Kewpie Doll
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