Women's Samurai Underwear Camisole Set

Ladies' clothes based on princesses

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Our Samurai Underwear series has been a massive hit but we know the ladies have been feeling left out. No fear, budding female warriors can have their own piece of history with these two sets of Women's Samurai Underwear and Camisoles! Like the male version, the underwear is tight-fitting and modeled after a real-life ancient personality. In this case, both sets feature garments based on respectively Atsuhime, also known as Tenshoin, and wife of one of the last Shoguns, or Tsuruhime (literally "crane princess"), a figure from the Warring States period of the sixteenth century.

Womens Samurai Underwear Camisole Set

Not just a gimmickly costume for history-lovers, the designs are sophisticated representations of the past. Plus the material is a specially developed Japanese type called HOHTAI, which is very soft, so that you hardly notice the clothes at all. But at the same time it has an elegant way of letting light shine through it and will also store warmth well.

Womens Samurai Underwear Camisole Set

The Women's Samurai Underwear Camisole Set features:

  • Choose Atsuhime set or Tsuruhime set
  • Choose medium or large for camisole and underwear
  • Camisole/Underwear: cotton (40%), rayon (20%), polyester (35%), polyurethane (5%)
  • Camisole sizes (bust): 79-87cm (31.1-34") (medium), 86-94cm (33.9-37") (large)
  • Underwear sizes (hips): 87-95cm (34-37.4") (medium), 92-100cm (36.2-39.4") (large)

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