Washi Japanese Paper Body Scrub Towel

Dual-sided cotton and paper towel

The award-winning Washi Japanese Paper Body Scrub Towel sounds like a contradiction in terms (a body towel made with paper?) but it actually works brilliantly. Interweaving cotton with traditional Japanese paper (washi) made from fibers stronger than ordinary wood pulp-derived paper, the towel features a dual-sided design that is highly practical.

One side of the white towel is cotton, while the other is Japanese paper. This makes it ideal for scrubbing hard and lathering soap bubbles, and then switching to the soft side for more gentle rubbing. The sturdy design of the towel also means it lasts longer than regular cotton towels.

Specs and Features:

  • Cotton and washi (Japanese paper) scrub towel
  • Dimensions: 25 x 100 cm (9.8 x 39.4")
  • Color: white
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US$ 31