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Voice Command Heli R/C Helicopter

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Featured on "TV Tokyo," the Voice Helicopter takes a really cool radio chopper and adds a twist: you can control it with nothing more than the sound of your voice! Control the helicopter's engine and vertical motion by simply speaking into the controller, and physical controls are included for steering and forward/backward motion. The helicopter uses a stacked-rotor design to avoid the need for a rear propeller, as well as a very cool ceiling sensor that detects obstacles above and automatically stops the helicopter's ascent.

Voice Command Heli R/C Helicopter

Controlling the Voice Helicopter

  • Engine Start: "engine staato"
  • Up: "appu"
  • Down: "down"
  • Engines Off: "toe-mah-reh"

The Voice Helicopter features:

  • Voice controls engine on/off and vertical motion
  • Radio controller controls left and right motion (also vertical)
  • Dual-band radio transciever for interference-free operation
  • Power: rechargable internal battery (helicopter), 6 AA batteries sold separately (controller)
  • Colors: Sea Blue or Camouflage
  • Runtime: 5 minutes on 40 minutes of charging
  • Size: 180x180x95mm (7x7x3.7in)
  • Manual: Japanese
Sold Out
Sold Out