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Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow

Comfortable sleeping and relaxed waking-up

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Whether you’re trying not to wake others, or simply need a more discrete way to wake up, there are few options out there besides a loud alarm to get you up. The Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow is the world’s first support pillow with a built in vibration alarm, allowing you a comfortable sleep with a brilliantly subtle wake-up function.

Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow

Simply set the alarm before you go to sleep, and allow the pillows strong internal vibrations to wake you from your slumber without disturbing others, or opt for a loud audio alarm if you need some more kick.

Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow features:
• Ergonomic support pillow
• Main functions: Digital alarm clock with vibration or audible alarm function
• Size: 495x310x90mm (19.5x12x3.5”)
• Weight: 565g
• Body Color: Blue
• Cover Color: Ivory
• Body material: Soybean fiber, cotton, polyurethane foam filler, cotton cover
• Power: AA battery x 6
• Manual: Japanese

Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow

Sold Out
Sold Out