Twist Alarm Clock

Maths problem wake-up call

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Getting up can be a drag but one way to force yourself out of bed in the morning is by doing maths. At least, that's what the makers of the Twist Alarm Clock believe! Turn the dials to complete the maths problem and turn off your morning wake-up call. It won't stop till you solve the sum. Don't worry, they're not THAT difficult! For example, 5 - 4 + 1 or 8 + 2 = 10.

Twist Alarm Clock

The Twist Alarm Clock features three movable dials: two for the numbers on the left to complete the sum, and another to choose the function you want (alarm, date, time, "="). On top of the rather cool geometrical shape, the display lights up red if you press the "set" button for long enough.

Twist Alarm Clock

The Twist Alarm Clock features:

  • Maths problem alarm clock
  • Sum types: + or -
  • Size: 13.5 x 6.3 x 7cm (5.3 x 2.5 x 2.8")
  • Functions: alarm, date, time
  • Snooze function included
  • Power: AAA batteries x3 (sold separately)
  • Red light display function
  • Materials: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Instructions: Japanese only

Sold Out
Sold Out

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