Tsutsu Neko Cat Toy

Jack-in-the-box pet

Price: US$ 57

An amusing toy for both kids and actual pets, the Tsutsu Neko is simple, addictive fun. Just stand the cylinder up with its cheerful cat character, and it will shoot down into the tube when touched. But not for long! It will then pop back out again with a feline meow, amusing and intriguing youngsters and real cats too.

Tsutsu Neko Cat Toy

There are three types of cat to choose from: white, tabby and tortoiseshell. Regular felines will also love the Tsutsu Neko, as this video below demonstrates!

The Tsutsu Neko Cat Toy features:

  • Version: white, tabby, tortoiseshell
  • Power: batteries
  • Recommended for ages six and over
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but easy to use)