Traditional Japanese Uchiwa Fan Flowers and Butterflies

Classic crafts in elegant design

It isn't just about cooling yourself. If it was, the Japanese would be fine with electric handheld fans. No, the reason the Japanese still love their paper fans is because they allow them to stay connected to tradition and because they are accessories to a classic summer dress style (kimono, zori sandals, etc.). And when the fan is as beautiful as the Traditional Japanese Uchiwa Fan Flowers and Butterflies, the effect on your attire is stunning!

The Traditional Japanese Uchiwa Fan Flowers and Butterflies is handmade using only traditional materials: handmade washi paper, bamboo, and persimmon juice for the dye. It features a motif of two butterflies lost in the scent of ten flowers whose stems are woven together. The combination of the design and subdued colors is characteristic of the aesthetic the Japanese call shibui (subtle, understated beauty). The fan is 250 x 370 mm (9.8 x 14.6") and is so beautiful you will want to use it as a decorative ornament too. For this purpose, an optional stand is available in two designs (vertical or horizontal).

Specs and Features:

  • Traditional, handmade Japanese uchiwa fan
  • Dimensions: 250 x 370 mm (9.8 x 14.6")
  • Materials: bamboo, handmade washi paper, persimmon juice
  • Optional display stand: vertical, horizontal
  • Made to order: please allow approx. 1-2 weeks for shipping
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US$ 116
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