Tokyo Men's Hairstyles

Modern Japanese fashion wigs

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Whether you're a Japanese fashion fanatic or just want to rock a Tokyo look for a night, these Tokyo Men's Hairstyles will give you an instant image change. Featuring heat-resistant fibers and a special G-NET liner on select models, these are high-tech accessories that will last you a long time.

Tokyo Mens Hairstyles

Do you want to be a Kabukicho host, charming the pants off an endless stream of lonely women? Or a a pop star, ready to take the stage in front of thousands? The anime style is perfect for cosplay, and the "stylish" hairstyle looks like you just walked out of an Aoyama boutique. Whatever you choose, you'll turn heads with these unique Japanese hairstyles, exclusively from Japan Trend Shop.

Tokyo Mens Hairstyles

Tokyo Men's Hairstyles feature:

  • Japanese-style male wig x1
  • Choose from: Host, Pop Star, Anime, or Stylish
  • Host: gold-streaked brown, 98g, 15-43cm (5.9-17")
  • Pop star: black, 77g, 13-34cm (5.1-13.4")
  • Anime: bleached tips, 71g, 8-33cm (3.1-13"), G-NET inner liner
  • Stylish: charcoal brown, 68g, 13-31cm (5.1-13.4"), G-NET inner liner, heat-resistant fibers
  • *Note: "Pop Star" is currently not available*

Sold Out
Sold Out