Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Someity Face Towel

2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games mascot towel

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Someity is the other celebrity of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympics Games. Her blue and white colleague, Miraitowa, takes care of representing the Olympic Games, while Someity is in charge of Paralympics, dressed in pink and white (the pink comes from cherry blossom, the most characteristic flower of her home country). And the best way to have her accompany you at home or on a day trip (or even a day out shopping) is on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Someity Face Towel, one of the most simultaneously useful and cute items in the official 2020/21 Paralympics merchandise catalog.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Someity Face Towel is made from good-quality cotton, has Someity's colors (pink and white), and measures 85 x 34 cm (33.4 x 13.3") - the standard size for face towels in Japan. On its left side is a full-body image of Someity and on its right, the legend "Tokyo 2020" in the block letters used on all licensed merchandise. Easy to carry around and soft to the touch, this is a useful towel that can help you celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and remember them after they are over!

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Someity Face Towel features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Paralympic Games merchandise
  • Features Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games mascot Someity, Tokyo 2020 insignia, 2020 Paralympic symbol
  • Color: pink and white
  • Dimensions: 85 x 34 cm (33.4 x 13.3")
  • Material: cotton
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