Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Furoshiki and Bag

2021 Summer Paralympic Games traditional multipurpose wrapping cloth

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Just by looking at this beautiful fabric handbag you can't tell it has been made by simply tying a couple of knots on a piece of cloth but that's what the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Furoshiki and Bag is: a bag made from one of the most versatile items in any Japanese home, the square furoshiki cloth. Such cloths come in various sizes and this one is 680 x 680 mm (26.7 x 26.7"). You can use it for any wrapping purpose or, by adding the two acrylic PMMA loops, for making several types of bag – just do a quick search online and you will find all kinds of designs.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Furoshiki and Bag also comes with a message: that of supporting one of the most important institutions for people with disabilities, the Paralympic Games. When unfolded, the furoshiki features a white Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games insignia and logo and the Japanese Paralympic Committee logo on dark blue, the color of the 2020/21 event, so either as a bag or as a wrapping cloth, it always reminds everyone where you stand on the matter of diversity and inclusion!

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Furoshiki and Bag features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Paralympic merchandise
  • Print on 1 side
  • Furoshiki wrapping cloth with handles to tie up as bag
  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympics insignia and logo and and Japanese Paralympic Committee logo
  • Color: blue with white Tokyo Paralympic Games logo
  • Furoshiki cloth dimensions: 680 x 680 mm (26.7 x 26.7")
  • Handle loops diameter: 130 mm (5.1")
  • Materials: polyester, acrylic PMMA
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