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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask

2021 Olympic Games official merchandise

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Let's be honest, the 2020 Olympics are defined more than anything by one thing: their one-year postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is, then, something a little ironic about this official piece of 2020 (or rather, 2021) Tokyo Olympics merchandise. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask offers protection against airborne infection with particle and bacterial filtration efficiency. Moreover, the ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene materials provide a cooling sensation, meaning the mask is still comfortable to wear even in the summer (when the Olympics are held). Available in white or black, the design also features the 2020 Olympic Torch Relay emblem mark.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Face Mask features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games merchandise
  • Color: white, black
  • 3D shape
  • With 2020 Olympic Torch Relay logo/emblem
  • 99% PFE and 99% BFE
  • Filters PM2.5 and other minute particles, pollen, droplets, etc.
  • Cooling sensation (integrated ice silk fibers)
  • Wash by hand
  • Dimensions: approx. 13 x 12 cm (5.1 x 4.7")
  • Material: ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene 85%, cotton 10%, spandex 5%
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use/wear)
Shipping weight: 0.1Kg / 0.22lbs
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