Tokyo 2020 Olympics Commemorative Asics Mitt

2021 Summer Olympic Games special edition baseball glove

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Now this is something for serious collectors! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Commemorative Asics Mitt celebrates in the best possible way what isn't in name but certainly is in reality Japan's national sport - baseball! - and its return (together with softball) as a competition in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Games. Asics, Japan's biggest sports equipment maker and responsible for much of the Japanese national team's Olympic wear, has gone the extra mile to create an item that deserves to be in a display case – like the one accompanying it!

Made of white leather with golden stitching, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Commemorative Asics Mitt really stands out from any other baseball glove you can find in the market. But what makes it really distinct is the Tokyo 2020 insignia and logo and the Olympic rings laser-printed on the web as well as the web's remarkable design and the overall unique shape of the mitt. Yes, this is a reminder that there is beauty in diversity, as the Olympic Games teach us. An exquisite piece of sports equipment that will become the centerpiece of any serious Olympic Games memorabilia collection!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Commemorative Asics Mitt features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Olympic Games merchandise
  • Tokyo 2020 insignia and logo, Olympic rings logo, Asics logo
  • Made by top sports equipment manufacturer Asics
  • Color: white with gold stitching
  • Specially designed web
  • For left hand (right-handed pitching)
  • Material: leather
  • Comes with acrylic case and stand
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