Tokyo 2020 Japanese Olympic Team Neck Multi-Holder

2021 Summer Olympic Games portable pocket with neck-strap

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It is perfect for holding tickets and also shows your support for Japan's national team with its "sunrise red" color scheme: this is why the Japanese Olympic Committee included the Tokyo 2020 Japanese Olympic Team Neck Multi-Holder in its official lineup of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games merchandise. But at the end of the day, this is a handy mini bag for holding basic, everyday items like change or keys.

With two pockets (a see-through one in the front and a zippered one in the back) and a clip-on neck strap, the Tokyo 2020 Japanese Olympic Team Neck Multi-Holder is as versatile as it is conspicuous. Its basic color is sunrise red but the design is actually a collage of different shapes and patterns that bring to mind classical cultural concepts like the "kasane no irome" color-stacking of kimono or origami paper-folding. The Japanese Olympic Committee has used this concept to highlight the message of diversity of the Olympics, so this pretty, practical item has a lot of depth as well!

The Tokyo 2020 Japanese Olympic Team Neck Multi-Holder features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Olympics merchandise
  • Portable pocket with neck-strap
  • Features "Japan Olympic Team 2020" message, Japanese Olympic Committee logo, Olympic rings emblem
  • Features "Japan Olympic Team 2020" on black strap
  • Color: sunrise red
  • 1 front, see-through pocket, 1 back zippered pocket
  • Clip-on strap
  • Origami, classic kimono color-stacking and geometric patterns design
  • Materials: polyester, PVC
  • Dimensions: 225 x 120 mm (8.8 x 4.7")
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