Thomas & Friends Let's Go Big Adventure Deluxe

Toy train play set

It isn't just the Shinkansen bullet trains: if something runs on rails, from streetcars to cable cars and old steam locomotives, the Japanese love it, and hundreds of thousands of them will want to ride it, photograph it, or buy memorabilia of it. Add their love of all things animation and all things cute, and you know why the Thomas & Friends franchise became an instant hit. It has sparked a ton of Japan-only merchandise, including amazing toys like the Thomas & Friends Let's Go Big Adventure Deluxe!

If your children (from ages three and over) love trains - especially Thomas the Tank Engine – they will love the Thomas & Friends Let's Go Big Adventure Deluxe: they can create a roller coaster on which the trains Thomas, Percy, and Nia, the helicopter Harold, and the crane Cranky can run. It even includes an elevator to bring the vehicles back to the top when they finish their run. Start your kids' train education early with a play set that helps them develop their creativity while having fun!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 3 engines (Thomas, Percy, Nia), the helicopter Harold, the crane Cranky, 1 base platform, 1 elevator, 3 slope rails, 1 slope platform, 1 coaster column, 9 coaster rails of different sizes
  • Dimensions (assembled): 510 x 423 x 473 mm (20 x 16.7 x 18.6")
  • For ages 3 and over
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US$ 176