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Thanko Piano Glove Musical Hand Instrument

Music fingers air piano

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We've all tapped out a bit of mock Mozart with nothing more than a humming noise and the desk in front of you. Well, now those taps can really play the notes! Thanko's brilliant Piano Glove is perfect for both serious music fans and players, who will relish the chance to master its melodic potentials, and also for people who like to pretend they can play that most challenging of instruments. The fingers of each glove correspond to actual notes on a piano keyboard so it is possible to play real musical pieces.

Thanko Piano Glove Musical Hand Instrument

Just put the compact speaker to one side, slip on the white and black gloves and then unleash your inner maestro. If you're sneaky and want to play the practical joke, you could even secrete the speaker somewhere and really surprise others when you "play" a table. And unlike other similar toys there is no switch on the gloves, and the left and right hands have different octaves.

Thanko Piano Glove Musical Hand Instrument

The Thanko Piano Glove features:

  • Glove size: 127 x 203 x 5mm (5 x 8 x 0.2")
  • Speaker size: 90 x 35mm (3.5 x 1.4")
  • Power: AAA batteries x4
  • Cable length: about 90cm (3.5")
  • Note: no black keys (sharps/flats)
  • Weight: 223g
  • Manual: English

Shipping weight: 0.7Kg / 1.54lbs
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