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Tamaruya Wasabi Salt (3 Pack)

Wasabi-flavored table salt

It was bound to happen: with sushi becoming a favorite all over the world, more and more people started developing a taste for wasabi, the green exploding paste hidden between the rice and the fish in sushi. For those who can't get enough of wasabi and are also sick of substitutes lacking its distinctive kick, one of the oldest wasabi makers in Japan offers a new option: the Tamaruya Wasabi Salt.

Tamaruya Wasabi Salt (3 Pack)

Tamaruya Honten has been making wasabi and wasabi-based products in Honshu's Shizuoka ever since 1875. Its range includes everything from the powerful stuff you get in sushi restaurants to dressings, snacks and pretty much anything you can think of. In their Tamaruya Wasabi Salt it has drawn on all its expertise to bring to your table the kick you have come to expect from quality wasabi, but without setting your mouth and nose on fire. If you want to add a hint of "wa" (Japan) to anything, from a steak to an actual Japanese dish, this salt is one of the best ways to go. And this being a set of three, you'll have plenty to experiment with!

Tamaruya Wasabi Salt (3 Pack)

The Tamaruya Wasabi Salt (3 Pack) features:

  • Made by Tamaruya Honten, one of Japan's oldest wasabi makers
  • Set of three
  • Weight: 20g (0.7 oz) each
  • Contains table salt, maltose, kombu kelp powder, wasabi, other flavorings
  • No coloring or additives
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, preferably in a dark, cool place
  • Made in Shizuoka, Japan
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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