Tamagotchi iD L from Bandai

Handheld digital pet new model

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The Tamagotchi iD L is the latest model in Bandai's series, exclusive to Japan. The world's most famous handheld digital pet just got even better, with this release available in SIX cute colors and featuring THIRTY-TWO virtual Tamatomo characters.

Tamagotchi iD L from Bandai

The "L" of course stands for "love", which is what you will be giving your new best friend. The now iconic egg-shaped console is decorated with stylish jewelry-style elements and is still just as easy for you to look after and raise your pet. This new model also adds numerous new scenes, such as a bakery, cafe and restaurant for eating out. There are also games to play and friends to be made with other characters...and even love and marriage!

Tamagotchi iD L from Bandai

The Tamagotchi iD L features:

  • Colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, green
  • 32 Tamatomo characters
  • Features include: swapping items, taking photos together, proposing marriage
  • Power: AAA batteries x2 (included)
  • Instruction manual: Japanese (but self explanatory)

Tamagotchi iD L from Bandai
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